INFORMATION about Covid-19 and Dog Care
We understand that there is concern about how the Covid-19 pandemic may affect care of your pets. We will post the latest information as we get it to help you provide the best experience for them during this crisis. 

Today we received an urgent plea from AKC concerning the availability of health care services and supplies for dog owners. Follow the link to read the article.

Currently, Florida Vet clinics are considered an essential service and are allowed to remain open. In many cases the vet tech will come out to the car to either exam your pet or take it inside. 

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The Santa Rosa Animal Shelter is not accepting any owner surrenders. They will take a stray only if it is injured, aggressive, or too young to be separated from its mother.

The Escambia County Animal Shelter is asking citizens not to pick-up stray animals and bring them to the shelter. Contact Animal Control at 595-0097 and notify them of any stray animal.
Animal Control will not be accepting animals from the public at this time until further notice.
Adoptions and lost animal reclaims will be by appointment only. Please call 595-3076 to make arrangements for these services.
AKC Coronovirus Update with Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jerry Klein. Can Dogs Get Coronovirus? 

He cites WHO that there is no evidence that the virus is transmitted from pets to humans.