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Questions About Joining

Five Flags Dog Training Club (FFDTC)?

If you are interested in spending time with your dog or training for various competitions and have time to support club activities, you should plan on attending a club meeting.

Currently our meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month

We ask that you come at 6:30 pm to fill out the application and to socialize prior to the meeting which starts at 7 pm. There will be snacks, but you must bring your own drink (non-alcoholic).

Meetings held at Asbury Place

750 College Blvd

Pensacola, Florida 32504

Asbury Place

is a building of the Cokesbury United Methodist Church on

9th Avenue.   

Ashbury Place is behind the Church using College Blvd. with Wendy's on the corner.  The Church complex is on the west side of N. 9th Ave. and across the street from Pensacola State College.


Upon completion of an application at a meeting and payment of the appropriate dues which are prorated depending on the month that you join you will be admitted to the club as a member and receive all benefits afforded to club members. Yearly dues become due no later than the 31st of December of each year.

New members pay full price for the first public class attended and thereafter, as a member, you will be eligible to pay a member’s fee for club hosted public classes, which is half the public fee as long as there is space available.


We do not have a training facility and all classes taught by FFDTC are taught by members as volunteers. Classes offered by FFDTC are based on the availability of club members.

If you have questions about joining FFDTC,

contact our Club's Membership Chairperson through email 

using the link below.               

Thank you for your interest!

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