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Wondering What Rally Is?


Rally is a type of Obedience that AKC (The American Kennel Club) uses in their Obedience venue.  You and your dog move continuously together to complete a course of 10 - 15 numbered stations (for the Novice level) with signs to be performed.  The Novice level is the beginner's level, the first, lowest level.   You, the owner/handler, will work with your dog to be a team, spending more time together learning new actions, strengthening your bond, building confidence for both of you, and having FUN!  AKC does use Rally as part of their competitions (trials) that are judged to earn points and qualify earning ribbons for the qualifications and AKC titles.  Okay, relax, you do not have to compete with Rally, unless you decide to enter.  Any of the Rally exercises can be used for your own personal benefit, for FUN, continuing your close relationship with your canine, and/or "showing off" to others!  Please use the button below, "Getting Started in Rally," to see a short video of Rally courses being performed and completed at a Trial. 

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